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From Clients:

"Hats off to Bernard Rosauer! He not only solved our landscaping problems, he worked with us to stay within our budget. His personal attention at every step of the way – from identifying the challenges, selecting trees and bushes at the nursery, recommending a lawn service and overseeing the project – set him apart from other professionals. Two years later we are proud of the fruits of his efforts! Thank you, Bernard!"


S&R Roman, Clients

Deerfield, Illinois

"We hired Bernard Rosauer for a complete landscape makeover for the front of our house. We were thrilled with the result and highly recommend Bernard. From the initial interview, to the design presentation and selection, to the demolition and plantings, Bernard provided expert advice. His landscape design was creative but provided so simple to maintain. It was in keeping with the style of the home and our design tastes, but brought the entire house to a new level. Before, the house had just a lawn and tree in front with absolutely no curb appeal. After, we had texture, interest and perfectly sited plantings with seasonal presentations that highlighted and enhanced the features of our home.


Working with Bernard was terrific his knowledge and artistry amazed us. After interviewing us to determine style, preferences and budget, he provided us with several alternative designs. Once we settled on one he created several drawings on tracing paper and overlaying with different plant types and styles. After choosing our landscaper from the list that Bernard has recommended, we then went off to choose the plants from one of the nurseries he recommended. Bernard supervised all the work and coordinated with us, the landscaper and the nursery to achieve the dream! All our expectations were exceeded."


Willie and Vicky Russell, Clients

Glencoe, IL

"A few years ago, we were getting close to the move into our new home, we realized that we were in need of a good Landscape Architect. We did meet one and we were so blessed to be able to work with Bernard Rosauer. His knowledge of all of the trees, plants, ground covering and design were amazing. He led us around us around searching for the perfect trees, the best choices for all of our landscaping and when our lawn and all of the plants were in the ground we were in awe of the whole beauty of it.


Just four years ago, we left our home and moved to Florida. Last spring we were up in Illinois and we called the family that had bought our house to see if we could stop and see them. They invited us with open arms and showed us around the house and said they were most grateful for the beautiful lawn, trees and flowers. They were still in great condition and nothing had changed! Bernard Rosauer did it all!"


Emil & Mary Stuermer, Clients

Previously Antioch, IL

"This was our first time working with a landscape architect, and it was a very positive experience for us. Bernard Rosauer was very patient and kind. He came up with several designs for us to consider and was able to incorporate some of our existing plants in order to reduce costs. He helped us select plants at the nursery to ensure we had the healthiest specimens and of the right scale. Bernard oversaw our landscapers and made sure they properly implemented his design. He also followed up with us the next spring to see that all the plantings were healthy and thriving. We really appreciated his attention to detail, and to staying on budget. We were very happy with the results. We would enthusiastically recommend Bernard Rosauer and Associates."


David & Caroline, Clients

Glencoe, IL

From other Professionals:

"An architect’s “Landscape Architect” That is the best way for me to describe Bernard Rosauer. As a long-time colleague and architect, I have had the pleasure of witnessing Bernie’s amazing talents, which manifest themselves in his numerous stunning and elegant creations. Bernie’s compelling design philosophy and the experience he has acquired over the years, are what guide his clients in identifying needs, expressing personal style and creating serene and elegant landscapes. From start to finish, Bernie demystifies the landscape design process, making it a totally positive, seamless and exciting adventure. His passion for detail, intimate knowledge of design and extensive knowledge of plants, produce engaging, livable and refined environments. He should be considered the “go-to guy” in the realm of sophisticated landscape design."

Roman Schlaeger, CEO

Director of Design 

Design Partners Architects, Ltd.
Chicago, Illinois

"Bern and I have had a professional relationship for many years. I am, to this day, constantly amazed by Bernard’s knowledge of design, horticulture and professional ethics. Bernard’s work entails emotion and sensitivity for solving complex problems in broad area of design."


Edward S. Fried, Landscape Architect

Lake Villa, IL

"I have used Bernard’s service for both my apartment complex and my personal residence. During the past year Bernard’s advice was always very expert—his knowledge of landscape design is very broad, his ability to provide expert advice, how to make combinations of plants and trees is outstanding, and as his client I was always satisfied. His professionalism and conduct were always extremely polite and I always felt comfortable with his financial requests. Without hesisitation, I would recommend his service to any individual or company regarding landscape design, suitability of flora and location of the project."


Stanislav Opalka, Owner of Opalka Realty

Winnetka, IL

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