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Professional Services

1. CLIENT MEETING: This initial connection allows for the clients input regarding issues and requirements as well as establishing a budget or construction cost.

2. FIELD SURVEY: A site evaluation of existing site conditions, such as building footprint, tree locations, drainage conditions and hard surface areas; all to create a base plan.

3. PRELIMINARY PLAN: A schematic plan overlaid on the base plan will identify any planting arrangements and hardscapes within the earlier established budget.

4.  FINAL MASTER PLAN: Develop a comprehensive plan showing plant communities with names, sizes and quantities , all within an updated cost of construction.

5.  CONTRACTOR SELECTION: Either provide design/build services or solicit competitive bids to implement the Master Plan.

6.  INSPECTIONS: Provide field inspections at critical phases of construction to insure quality control.

7.  FINAL INSPECTION: Provide a final walk-thru of the project with client to review entire installation.

NOTE : The client has the option to accept or reject any of the above services.

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